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SAT Score and Result - Check Subject and Score Range

Understanding SAT Scores might prove to be a tough task for candidates. The overall SAT test is scored on a scale of 400-1600, whereas in Nigeria, students are used to understanding scores in percentiles. That is why having a data table for interpreting SAT and Subject Test scores becomes necessary. Here is how the SAT score percentile is calculated.

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SAT Results

Candidates who plan to appear for their SAT exam are required to keep the below dates in mind. Candidates are advised to complete their SAT Registration before the deadline to avoid any last minute confusion. The expected SAT Score dates have also been published for the convenience of our readers.

SAT Test Date


Online SAT Score Release Date

March 14, 2020

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2020

Phone/Online Late Registration Deadline: March 3, 2020

March 27, 2020

May 2, 2020

Registration Deadline: April 3, 2020

Phone/Online Late Registration Deadline: April 21, 2020

May 15, 2020

June 6, 2020

Registration Deadline: May 8, 2020

Phone/Online Late Registration Deadline: May 27, 2020

July 15, 2020


SAT Score

SAT score reports consist of the following information

  • The Total Score: As the title suggests, the Total Score is the sum of the two Section Scores and this score ranges from 400 to 1600.
  • Sectional Score: The sectional score ranges from 200-800 and is based on the performance of the candidate on the Math Section and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Sections.
  • Subscore (marks scored in each type of questions): Subscores are multiple points for Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Sections, all ranging from 1 to 15. The main purpose of Sub scores is to provide additional insight into the students' performance.
  • Essay score (if applicable): Candidates who have undertaken the SAT with the essay will have the scores for Essay Reading (2-8 points), Essay Writing (2-8 points) and Essay Analysis (2-8 points) displayed under the Essay Details tab.
  • Student's percentile: The student’s percentile score tells you how well the student has performed his SAT exam as compared to other test takers. 


At a Glance – Components of an SAT Score Report and what they mean




Score Range

Total Score

The aggregate of the two section scores


Section Scores

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math Sections


Test Scores

Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Sections.


SAT Essay Scores


Reading, Analysis, and Writing.



These scores show how well you use your skills to analyze texts and solve problems in these subject areas.


Sub Scores

Reading and Writing and Language: Command of Evidence and Words in Context. Writing and Language.



SAT Subject Test Percentiles

As the term suggests, SAT Subject Test Percentile ranks compare a student’s scores to other students who appeared for the same test. So for example, if a test takers SAT Math 2 Subject Test score is 500 and if the percentile rank for 500 is 50, then this basically means that the candidate has done better than 50 percent of the students who took the particular test, i.e. SAT Math 2 Subject Test.

Since a different percentage of students take the different subject exams under SAT Subject Tests, hence it would be technically incorrect to compare the SAT Subject Test Chemistry Percentile with SAT Subject Test Math 2 Percentile or vice versa. Candidates looking to see how they have fared in the SAT Subject Test with other candidates can check out SAT Subject Test Percentiles 2019 and for other past years on the official CollegeBoard website – the conducting body of the SAT exam.


Check Score vs Percentile

Here is a table to show students how the SAT Score percentile is calculated.

SAT Scaled Score Range (Out of 1600)







































How to Get SAT and Subject Test Scores

Once you are finished with the SAT exam, it is time to send exam scores to the colleges. This is one of the most crucial parts of the whole application process. Most colleges prefer to get the score reports directly from the College Board and not the copies of the report or score report labels on the transcripts.


When to Expect Scores

Your SAT score result will be available online around 4-5 weeks after your test date. Once the score result is available, the College Board begins sending SAT score reports to the colleges the candidate has selected, if any, at the time of registration.


Other Ways to Get Scores

Students who don't have easy access to the Internet can check out alternative methods of receiving their SAT Score, these include

  • Paper Score Reports: Candidates who register by mail and don't have an active College Board online accounts will receive paper score reports.
  • Scores by phone: Candidates can also receive their scores over the phone. However, they would be required to pay an extra fee for the same.
  • Candidates can also access their scores by logging into their online score report and taking a print out of the same. 


What is Score Choice

With Score Choice, one gets the freedom to report the score he/she chooses to send to colleges. The candidate can choose the score report by test date or by individual test for SAT Subject Tests. However, before sending the scores always make sure to check with the college or the scholarship program where you are applying, as many colleges and scholarship programs require students to send all their scores. If the candidate doesn't select Score Choice then College Board will send all the available scores of the candidate to the colleges which he/she has selected as score recipients.


How to send Scores during Registration?

Applicants receive four free score reports while registering for the SAT exam.  Applicants get the option of sending these reports to their choice of colleges or scholarship programs for free. Aspirants can send the scores up to nine days of taking the test. After nine days they will be charged for sending the score reports. With this, the aspirant can send four reports for free. However, there is a catch, the aspirants are sending the scores without knowing their actual scores. This means, the candidates won't be able to choose the score they want to send or they won't be able to send their best scores. In this case, it is advisable to send the score reports to the colleges that want to see all the SAT scores of the candidates.


Cut-off for SAT Exam

The SAT is considered one of the most important aspects of the college application process. Students who wish to pursue their higher studies in the USA must be familiar with this standardized test. It is conducted to secure admissions in various colleges offering degrees across the USA. These days' policies are changing periodically, so, it is always advisable to check the testing requirements of the college you are applying to. The cut-offs for the top universities in the US and Canada range between 1400 and 1600.


Score Range

Brown University


Cornell University


Columbia University


Dartmouth College


Harvard University


University of Pennsylvania


Princeton University


Yale University




What is considered a good SAT score?

An average SAT score is around 1000. Anything above 1200 is considered a good SAT score. The maximum anyone can score on the SAT is the perfect score of 1600. Since you receive scaled scores, you should have some understanding of SAT scaled scores and percentiles.



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