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Australia plays host to more than 180,000 International students in any given year. Increasingly Australia is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world.

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Admission Processing Basic Requirement

Some of the reasons accounting for the increase in the number of International Students in Australia include:

Quality Education

Australia spends more per capita on its education system than any other country in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). A Degree/Diploma from a Australian Institute is recognized worldwide. International students who graduate from Australian Institutions enjoy successful and prosperous careers. Australia is known for its quality education & competitive entry requirements.


Australian Institutes, charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in competing countries and at the same time, maintain excellent educational quality. However as the fees are more affordable, admissions are more competitive. Over the last three years, Australia's inflation rate has remained one of the lowest in the industrialized world.

Permanent Residency and Australian Immigration

International students can apply for their Permanent Residency which takes up to 15 to 18 months from within Australia. However they need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 67 Points.

Ranked as the Number One Country

For the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nations survey has found Australia to be the best place in the world to live. The survey conducted every year, evaluates quality of life in 174 countries, using over 200 performance indicators. Australia earns particularly high marks for its access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates.

A Safe Place to Study

Every step is taken to ensure the safety of students on Australia's campuses. Most universities / colleges have their own campus security 24 hours a day. There are also " Walk Safe" programmes to assist people in getting to public transportation during late hours. Every step is taken to ensure the safety of students on Australia's campuses. Most universities / colleges have their own campus security 24 hours a day. There are also " Walk Safe" programmes to assist people in getting to public transportation during late hours.

A Bilingual Nation

Australia is a bilingual country with two official languages, English and French. The vast majority (75%) of Australia's French-speaking inhabitants live in the province of Quebec, which is located in the eastern part of the country but there are French-speaking communities throughout the country. English is the main language of communication in all provinces other than Quebec.

Working During and After and Co-Op Program

Students in Australia are allowed to work part time on campus during the first 6 months of their program and off campus part time thereafter. The duration permitted is upto 20 hours per week. Several programs may even have a paid co-op term where one gets hands on experience in working in the industry. These may even be paid co-ops. Further students on the completion of their program of 1 year can work upto 1 years and students applying for 2 years program can work for 2-3 years.

Australia welcomes over 2 lac immigrants per year & has a policy for skilled professionals as well as Business Immigrants. Australia has maintained a strong stable economic growth because of its active immigration policy. Two thirds of the 5.4%pa increase in population is due to immigration. Australian Immigration is one of the simplest immigration systems in comparison with other countries. It allows a person to live and work anywhere in Australia, and confers upon that person a Permanent Resident status. It comes with certain responsibilities and may be revoked if the holder does not meet Australian Residency obligations, or is found guilty of serious criminal activity. A person who is a Australian Permanent Resident may apply for Australian Citizenship after 3 years.

Admittance or Scholarships for Studies in Australia Program

The program grants guidance and selection of Colleges or Universities that is formfitting the applicant and where applicant has high possibility of receiving inexpensive fees , admissions and scholarships application , financial aid.

The requirement needed for the admission process department varies . Some of the info which may be required by the university and other requirements for admitting you into their university are ; academic, character, and financial evidences that show you are the deserving candidate for admission in the respective university. Every university has right to mark their own requirements to admit students into their institution. Test scores such as SAT, TOEFL are not required for admissions into undergraduate program once applicant has school in an English speaking country like Ghana.

The major languages used in Australia are English and French. Bust most of the universities offer courses in English language. So you need to show your efficiency by means of English Language tests. IELTS is most widely recognized and accepted English language test in Australia, however, some universities even accepts TOEFL but not SAT. The score that you must obtain in these language tests vary from institution to institution and course of study students choose. Some universities even seek for other medium of English language test assessment, which might even be Australian Academic English Language (CAEL) assessment or not . All these assessments test the ability of students to take the course in English language.

For admission in undergraduate level, student must have completed twelve years of academic education, but for postgraduate level it is sixteen years. If you've done three years of bachelor's course then you'll have to do diploma for one year in Australia to be eligible to study in Australia as postgraduate student.

For management students, students may be asked for two years of work experience before being admitted to the university. In most of the cases GMAT is compulsory for MBA students. Though education isn't free in Australia, tuition fees are cheaper in compare to other similar nations like UK, USA, and Australia.

Students Visa Process

The student visa in Australia is most commonly known as Study permit. Either a student need to obtain or don't need to obtain Australian study permit depends upon the country of residence of the student. Students from most of the countries need to obtain Australian student visa to study in Australia, but students from some countries don't have to obtain any Student visa to study in Australia

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